Athletics Council Bylaws

Written by:          Release: 09/10/2008



The Council assists and advises the University in the exercise of institutional responsibility, policies, and control of intercollegiate athletics and recreation. The guiding concern of the Council is the growth and academic development of students who participate in intercollegiate athletics and recreation. 

Article I
The name of the organization is the Quinnipiac University Athletics Council (hereinafter “Council”).

Article II
1. The voting membership of the Council shall be composed of members appointed by the President of the University, and shall include:
a. At least one faculty member from each school or college,
b. The Faculty Athletic Representative,
c. One representative each from the Registrar’s Office, Admissions Office, Learning Center, Alumni Association, and Academic Affairs,
d. One male and one female representative from the Student Athlete Advisory Committee, appointed by the President upon recommendation of the Student Athlete Advisory Committee.
2. Voting members who are faculty and staff are appointed for three year staggered terms.  One third of the terms will expire each year.  Student-athlete members are appointed for one year terms. Terms will run from July 1 to June 30. Members are eligible to be reappointed to the Council. There is no term limitation.
3. Ex officio members shall include the Director of Athletics and Recreation, the Senior Women’s Administrator, the Assistant Athletic Director for Academic Support,  the  Associate Athletic Director for Campus Recreation, and the Vice-President for Athletic Marketing and External Affairs.

Article III
Meetings will be held at least twice a semester, and as needed by the Department of Athletics and Recreation.   Minutes of the meeting will be taken and kept by the Departmental Secretary.  Minutes will be sent to all members by email within a week of the meeting.

Article IV
There will be a chair and a vice-chair, nominated and elected from the voting members. The chair and vice-chair shall serve a one year term. The officers shall be elected at the last meeting of the academic year, in May or June, for the following year.  The chair’s duties include calling and scheduling meetings, setting the agenda, running the meetings, and preparing  an annual report for the Council.  The vice-chair will fill in those duties when the chair is not present.  If any officer resigns his/her position, the position will be filled by an election at the next regularly scheduled meeting.

Article V
A quorum will consist of a simple majority of voting members.

Article VI
1. There are four standing committees. They are:
a. Academics – This committee reviews and recommends academic policies dealing with intercollegiate and recreational athletes and teams, and ensures consistency with the NCAA standards on academic policies.
b. Equity and Student Welfare – This committee deals with policies concerning gender equity, diversity, and student-athlete welfare and ensures consistency with the NCAA standards.
c. Recreation - This committee ensures that all students have appropriate recreational opportunities consistent with the University’s mission.
d. Governance – This committee reviews and formulates measures to ensure University oversight and compliance with NCAA standards.
2.  The Athletics Council will refer matters to the appropriate committee as necessary. The committee shall report its findings and recommendations to the Athletics Council.
3. Each committee shall select its own chair.
4. The Athletics Council may create adhoc committees, or serve as a committee of the whole, as needed.
5. Each voting member must be a member of at least one committee.

Article VII
Duties of Voting Members:
1. Each faculty and staff voting member will be the liaison to one of the varsity athletic teams.  Liaison duties may include but are not limited to attending games/matches, meeting with the coach, captains and athletes, encouraging seniors to complete the exit survey, assisting the Faculty Athletic Representative with student-athlete concerns, attending the team banquet, stressing the importance of academics and assisting students with academic issues and concerns.
2. The Council, through its Chair, shall send an annual report to the President at the end of each academic year.

Article VIII
Amendments to the by-laws shall be proposed by the voting members.  An amendment must be approved by two-thirds of the voting members of the Council.
Approved and Adopted December 17,2007