1/2 Kneel 1 Arm Band Row

1/2 Kneel 1 Arm DB Overhead Shrug

½ Kneeling 2 Way Iso Lateral Neck

½ Kneeling Cable Face Pull

1 Arm 1 Leg Band Face Pull

1 Arm 1 Leg Band Press

1 Arm 1 Leg Band Row

1 Arm Band Face Pulls

1 Arm Band Press

1 Arm Band Rotational Face Pull

1 Arm Band Row

1 Arm Cable Rotational Row

1 Arm DB Bench Press

1 Arm DB Row Hip

1 Arm DB Upright Row

1 Arm DB Shrugs

1 Arm Inverted Row

1 Arm Lat Pull Down

1 Arm Seated Row

1 Leg Clap Pushups

1 Leg DB Alt. Lateral Raise

1 Leg DB Shrug Hold

1 Leg DB Row

1 Leg Inverted Row

1 Leg Pushups

1 Leg Shoulder T Drill

1 Leg SLDL to Upright Row

1 Leg Wrist Roller

2 Arm 1 Leg Band Row

2 Arm Band Row

3 Way Shoulder Holds

90-90 External Rotation

Alt 1 Leg DB Row

Alt. Bent Over Lateral Raise

Alt Bent Over Ts

Alt Bent Over Ws

Alt Bent Over Ys

Alt DB Bench Press

Alt DB Bent Over Row

Alt DB Incline

Alt DB Incline Row

Alt DB Lateral Raise

Alt DB Pushup Lateral Raise

Alt DB Upright Row

Alt Snow Devils

Ball Tricep Pushup

Band Press

Band Pull Aparts

Band Pull to Face

Band Row

Bar Tricep Extension

BB Curl

BB Close Grip Bench Press

Behind the Neck Band Pulldown

Bench Alt Ts

Bench Alt Ws

Bench Alt Ys

Bench L

Bench Press

Bench Press Technique

Bench T

Bench W

Bench Y

Bent Over Shoulder T Drill


Clap Pushups

Close Grip Pushups

DB 1 Arm FarmerŐs Walks

DB 1 Arm Push Press

DB 1 Arm Shoulder Press

DB 1 Leg Shrugs

DB Alt Incline Press

DB Alt Shoulder Press

DB Bench

DB Bent Over Lateral Raise

DB Bent Over Row

DB Circuit

DB Farmers Walks

DB Forearm 21s

DB Forearm 28s

DB Incline Press

DB Incline Reverse Fly

DB Incline Row

DB Incline Y

DB Lateral Raise

DB Prone Bench Row Hold

DB 1 Arm Push Press

DB Push Press

DB Push Up Row

DB Pushup Row Complex

DB Rotational Row

DB Row Armpit

DB Seated Alt Shoulder Press

DB Seated Shoulder Press

DB Shoulder Press

DB Shrugs

DB 1 Arm Shrug

DB Shrug Hold

DB Steep Incline

DB Tricep Extension

DB Upper Body Matrix

DB Upright Row

Explosive Pushups

External Rotation Circuit

EZ Bar Reverse Curl

EZ Bar Skull Crushers

Face Pull – standing with Cable or Band

1 Arm Face Pull – Staggered with Cable or Band

Feet Elevated Pushups

Finger Tip Pushups

Floor Iso Ts

Floor Iso Ys

Heavy DB Hold

Hindu Pushups

Incline Barbell Press

Incline YŐs

Inverted Row-Alt Grip

Inverted Row- Overhand

Inverted Row- Underhand

Inverted Row

Inverted Towel Row

Iso Dynamic Pushup

Kneeling 1 Arm DB Overhead Shrug

Lat Pulldown

Lying External Rotation

MB Crossover Pushups

P-Grip Pulldowns

Plate Alt Lateral Raise

Plate Pinch

Plate Upright Row to External Rotation

Pull Up

Pushup Hold


Rotational Pushups

Scap Circuit

Scap Pullup Hold

Scap Pullup Hold Top

Seated Band Lat Pulldown

Seated External Rotation

Seated Militaty Press

Seated Row

Shoulder T Drill

Side to Side Inverted Row

Side Tri Pushup

Snow Devils

Spider Pushups

Stacked Feet Pushups

Standing Military Press

Standing Staggered 1 Arm DB Overhead Shrug

Supine Band External Rotation

Swiss Ball Pushups

Tall Kneeling Cable Face Pull

Three Way Shoulder Raise

Towel Inverted Row

Tricep Pushup

Weighted Pushup Hold

Wrist Roller