February 4, 2014

Quinnipiac Athletics Academic Support

Reference Guide For Incoming Freshmen

Athletics Academic Support Services Office

The primary responsibility of our office is to monitor student-athlete eligibility, help keep student-athletes informed and on track academically. It is a MUST for student-athletes to balance their academics and athletics. We are here to guide you through the process of achieving your goals. 

Important Notes 

Communication: We cannot help you if we do not know there is a problem. 

Come see me: If you get an email that says “come see me” in the subject line…There is a problem. Come right away. 

Don’t delete important emails! Please read them, or you might miss out on important information.

Take responsibility:
Go to all of your classes!

New Student-Athlete Registration 

During June Orientation student-athletes will register for classes. If you have problems registering, please contact lyneene.richardson@quinnipiac.edu.

Two athletic codes will be placed in your schedule indicated as ZZ. This denotes your scheduled practice and/or study time.

June Orientation 2014

June 9-10


June 12-13


June 16-17


June 19-20


Prior to coming to campus for June Orientation, make sure to take the following placement tests, or you may not be able to register for a required English or math class.

  • Make sure you take math placement test
  • Make sure you take the English Literature test
  • We also strongly suggest that you take a foreign language test

Academic Eligibility 

Credit-Hour Requirements

  • You must sign up for and stay registered for a minimum of 12 credits the entire academic semester (Fall and Spring) 
  • You must earn at least 6 credits by the end of each term (Fall and Spring) 
  • You must earn at least 18 credits during regular academic year (Fall and Spring) 
  • NOTE: All freshmen must earn twenty-four credits in their first academic year (including summer semester)  

Percentage of Degree/GPA

  • By the end of first academic year you must complete 24 credit hours, GPA 2.0
  • Entering the fifth academic semester- 40% completion of degree, GPA 2.0
  • Entering the seventh academic semester- 60% completion of degree, 100% GPA
  • Entering the ninth academic semester- 80% completion of degree, 100% GPA 

Travel Letters

The first week of classes you will receive a travel letter from the academic support office. It is YOUR responsibility to send the letter to your professors to inform them of when you will be out of class for athletic events. NOTE: This letter is not a free pass to miss class. You must make arrangements with your professors to make up missed work PRIOR to leaving on road trips. 

Power Hours (Study Hall/Life Skills)

Fall Power Hours
Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm

Spring Power Hours
Sunday-Thursday 10am-11am
Friday 10am-4pm
Monday and Wednesday 6:30pm-9:30pm
Tuesday and Thursday 6:30pm-9:30pm

Freshman will be assigned a day to conduct power hours depending on their schedule and major. NOTE: All incoming freshman students are required to complete 6 hours per week. Study time and location will appear on your class schedule as a ZZ code. Your attendance is required.

NCAA Champs Life Skills Program
The program has FIVE commitments based on the ideal of assisting student-athletes to become well-rounded, Division I athletes. Read the descriptions below and be prepared to participate in them. 

  1. Commitment to Academic Excellence: To support the academic progress of the student-athlete toward intellectual development and graduation.
  2.  Commitment to Athletic Excellence: To build philosophical foundations for the development of athletic programs that are broad-based, equitable and dedicated to the well-being of the student-athlete.
  3.  Commitment to Personal Development: To support the development of a well-balanced lifestyle for student-athletes, encouraging emotional well-being, leadership, personal growth and decision-making skills.

  4.  Commitment to Career Development: To encourage the student-athlete to develop and pursue career and life goals.

  5. Commitment to Service: To engage the student-athlete in service to his or her campus and surrounding communities.

Please contact a member of the Athletics Academic Support Staff with any further questions or concerns.

Academic Support Staff 

Lyneene Richardson
Associate Athletics Director


Shannon Sousa
Academic Coordinator



Megan McCreedy
Program Coordinator