Competitive Cheer Takes Part In Two Events This Weekend

HAMDEN, Conn. - The Quinnipiac University competitive cheer team will compete in two separate events against nine different collegiate teams this weekend in Georgia. The Bobcats will first participate in the All-Girl Collegiate Competition on Friday at Kennesaw State University, followed by the Cheersport National Competition at the World Congress Center in Atlanta on Saturday and Sunday.

The All-Girl Collegiate Competition is the first National Competitive Stunts and Tumbling Association governed event, where Quinnipiac will compete against Maryland, Oregon and Georgia. The Bobcats will be scored in five different event segments developed for the eight teams that feature competitive cheer as an emerging NCAA sport. The Cheersport National Competition will feature a different scoring grid and the Bobcats will compete against Maryland, Oregon, Georgia, Fairmont State, Michigan, Louisville, Florida, NC State and Ohio State.

At the All-Girl Collegiate, Quinnipiac will participate in five different events: the stunt event, the basket toss event, the pyramid event, the tumbling event and the team event. The first four segments will each be worth 15% towards the final score, with the team event worth 40% of the final score. Each event features a compulsory round worth 25% of the event score, while optional round features are worth 75% of the event score. The final team event will be the 2 ½ minute routine which will be judged on a traditional score sheet. Quinnipiac will take the floor at 5:45 p.m.

The Cheersport National Competition is a two-day event that will be judged in eleven different categories where a team can earn a total of 150 points. The scoring will be split into two different segments, with one segment for tosses, pyramids and partner stunts and the other for jumps and tumbling. The Bobcats will start each day in the Cheersport National Competition at 10 a.m.