Acrobatics & Tumbling Finishes Third At Azusa Pacific Tri-Meet

AZUSA, Calif. - Competing in its first tri-meet event of the season and third event overall during the 2010-11 campaign, the No. 3 Quinnipiac acrobatics & tumbling team finished third out of three teams on Saturday afternoon at the Cougar Dome. The Bobcats combined total of 265.14 was not enough to defeat either No. 5 Fairmont State or No. 6 Azusa Pacific, which put together combined totals of 273.53 and 274.86, respectively.

"The team definitely stepped it up in the tumbling round which was better than our season opener against Maryland," said head coach Mary Ann Powers. "Erin Trotman (Bristol, Conn.) added two connections to her specialty pass which boosted our overall score by a full point. We also scored higher in our basket toss rounds and in our team pyramid event. Our team routine pre-determined values were higher for this meet; however we have plenty of room for improvement as the season progresses."

Due to severe weather conditions in the state of Texas, Baylor was unable to attend Saturday's event, leaving Quinnipiac to face both Fairmont State and Azusa Pacific. The Bobcats began the afternoon scoring a 38.65 on compulsories, with its best mark coming in the basket toss heat (9.85 out of 10).

Battling through injuries, upgrades in pre-determined values, and severe weather disrupting practice schedule all week, the Bobcats had about two days to prepare and practice for the following portion of the afternoon, the stunt event. While Quinnipiac's score of 9.58 in the first heat was the highest score of the round, non-completion of the second and third heat of the stunt round led to its overall score of 24.26. Both Fairmont State (28.05) and Azusa Pacific (28.85) turned in higher overall scores.

The Bobcats then followed with a score of 28.70 in the pyramid event to give the team a 91.61 heading into the locker room at the half.

Despite being down at the half to both Azusa Pacific (97.77) and Fairmont State (95.62), Quinnipiac came out with great enthusiasm in the first event of the second half, the basket toss. Freshman flyer Trisha Pierce (Middletown, Pa.) scored the highest mark in the third heat, garnering a 9.60 out of a possible 10 points as she performed a near perfect double front basket. Quinnipiac finished with an overall score of 27.40 in the basket toss.

In the following event, Trotman exhibited her development and leadership on the team by scoring a 9.2 out of a possible 9.5 points on her open tumbling pass. The senior had added two connections to her open tumbling pass to increase her starting value from an 8.6 to a 9.5, thereby providing Quinnipiac with a better opportunity to achieve a higher score in the heat. Trotman's desire to challenge herself on the afternoon seemed contagious, as Quinnipiac's duo and trio passes also increased its starting value in comparison to the Bobcats' first meet of the season on Saturday, Dec. 5 and Sunday, Dec. 6 against Maryland and Fairmont State. Quinnipiac finished with an overall score of 48.74 in tumbling.

In the final event of the afternoon, the team routine, Quinnipiac scored a 97.39, compared to Fairmont State's 100.85 and Azusa Pacific's 99.56.

Below are the events and scores listed in order of occurrence:

Event No. 3 Quinnipiac No. 5 Fairmont State No. 6 Azusa Pacific

Compulsory 38.65 39.07 39.17
Stunt 24.26 28.05 28.85
Pyramid 28.70 28.50 29.75
Basket Toss 27.40 27.05 27.65
Tumbling 48.74 50.00 49.88
Team Routine 97.39 100.85 99.56

Total 265.14 273.52 274.86

Quinnipiac returns to action when it hosts its first head-to-head matchup of the season at the TD Bank Sports Center against No. 1 Oregon on Monday, March 21 at 7 p.m.