Acrobatics & Tumbling Falls To Maryland, 284.540-274.855

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HAMDEN, Conn. – The Quinnipiac acrobatics & tumbling team lost to Maryland, 284.540-274.855, in its 2012 season-opener at the TD Bank Sports Center in Hamden, Conn. The Bobcats open the year at 0-1 while Maryland is 1-0 on the young season.

Photos and Video of QU-Maryland Meet

Coming out of the first event of the afternoon, the Compulsory Event, Maryland held a slight lead, by a 1/10th of a point, 38.60-38.50. Maryland opened the Acro Heat with a score of 9.800 to Quinnipiac's 9.700. Behind last season's Open Basket Toss National Leader Christina Lasto (Oxford, Conn.) and flyer Trisha Pierce (Middletown, Conn.), the Bobcats responded with consecutive heat victories in the Pyramid, 9.950-to-9.800, and the Toss, 9.900-to-9.800. Maryland closed out the Compulsory Event with a win in the Tumbling Heat, 9.200-to-8.950.

Maryland swept the Acro Event, taking all three Heats (flip, twist and release), to increase its overall lead to 66.19 to 62.90. The Terps took the Flip heat, 8.860-to-7.400; the Twist head, 9.330-to-8.490, despite a strong performance from Lasto once-again; and the Release heat, 9.400-to-24.40.

In the Pyramid Event, Quinnipiac jumped out to an early lead with a 9.700 score in the Flip heat to Maryland's 9.050. Lasto started in the elevator before flipping backwards over back-base Emily Pacillo (Summit, N.J.). In the Twist heat, with backstop Erin Trotman (Bristol, Conn.) already at the top of the Pyramid, Lasto's twisting back-flip into a handstand onto Trotman's leg netted the Bobcats' a 9.650, narrowly edged by Maryland's 9.700. Maryland then won the Release heat, 9.250-to-Quinnipiac's-8.550 to take the Pyramid Event by 1/10th of a point, 28.00-to-27.90. Maryland headed into halftime leading 94.19-to-90.80.

Coming out of the half, Maryland opened the Toss Event with a 9.30-to-9.25 win in the 2-Element heat. In the synchronized event, Maryland once-again took the heat, 9.30-to-9.25, before the twin-flyers of Pierce of Lasto posted a 9.45 to Maryland's 9.25 in the Open heat to push Quinnipiac to a 27.90-27.85 in in the Toss Event.

In the Tumbling Event, Maryland snuck out a win in the Duo heat, 9.45-to-9.40, before preceding to take the next three heats. Danielle Pilloise's (Southington, Conn.) display in the Aerial heat halted Maryland's run, grabbing a 9.830-to-9.450 win in the third of six heats in the event. Maryland then won the 6-Element heat, 9.90-to-9.500, and the Open heat, 9.90-to-9.80, to take the event, 57.45-to-56.33.

Quinnipiac returns to action on Saturday, Feb. 17 when it travels to Eugene, Ore. to take on Azusa Pacific and Oregon at the University of Oregon. Quinnipiac returns home on April 2 when it hosts Azusa Pacific at 6 p.m. at the TD Bank Sports Center.