Quinnipiac Acrobatics and Tumbling Garners First Place in Tri-Meet Against Azusa Pacific and Fairmont State

AZUSA, Calif.- The Quinnipiac Acrobatics and Tumbling team defeated Azusa Pacific and Fairmont State in their first tri-meet of the season.  The Bobcats trailed early, but came out on top with a winning total of 266.990. Azusa Pacific followed the Bobcats with a final score of 263.555, while Fairmont State finished with 260.695 points.  The Bobcats improve to 3-1 on the year as Azusa Pacific and Fairmont State both drop to 1-3.   Quinnipiac won four out of the six events while Fairmont and Azusa tied for two.

Photo by: Holly Magnuson

A slow start for the Bobcats as they placed second in the Compulsory and Acro events, as Azusa Pacific and Fairmont finished tied for first place with scores of 36.55 in Compulsory and 26.65 each in Acro.  The Bobcats took control of the Pyramid event with a score of 28.75, however it was not enough to give them with a lead before intermission.  Heading into the half, Azusa Pacific held the lead with 91.5, while Fairmont trailed 90.8 and Quinnipiac rounded out the three with 90.3 points

After the break the Bobcats responded with three consecutive heat victories in the Toss (28.15), Tumbling (53.80) and Team (94.74) events. The Bobcats scored a 9.5 in the six-element pass heat in the Tumbling event as the Cougars fell short by two tenths of a point. Azusa continued to hold strong, commanding a .48 lead heading into the Team event.  The Bobcats responded with a strong Team routine with a 94.74 score to place them ahead of the Cougars by 3.43 points that would ultimately lead to the Bobcats' victory.

Quinnipiac returns to action on Monday, Mar. 25 when they host their home opener against the University of Oregon.  The meet will begin at 6 p.m. at the TD Bank Sports Center in Hamden, Conn.

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25.95 (61.55)

26.65 (63.2)

26.65 (63.2)


28.75 (90.3) 

27.60 (90.8)

28.30 (91.5)


28.15 (118.45)

26.85 (117.65)

27.95 (119.45)


53.80 (172.25)

51.53 (169.18)

53.28 (172.73)


94.74 (266.99)

92.52 (260.695)

90.83 (263.555)