Quinnipiac Acrobatics and Tumbling Defeats Azusa Pacific To Advance To NCATA Championship Match

HAMDEN, Conn.- The Quinnipiac women's acrobatics and tumbling team defeated Azusa Pacific, 275.03- 269.945, at the TD Bank Sports Center on the York Hill Campus.  The Bobcats took five out of the six events of the meet (Compulsory, Acro, Pyramid, Tumble and Team).  This will be the first time in program history that the Bobcats advance to the NCATA National Championship Match. 

Quinnipiac quickly jumped out if front as they swept Azusa Pacific in the first three events (Compulsory, Acro, Pyramid).  The Bobcats took the Compulsory event with ease from the Cougars (37.45-37.2) as they swept them in all heats.  Quinnipiac continued to post high scores in the following event, Acro, as the team held strong in the 7-Element routine to outscore the Cougars by .64 of a point as it jumped out to a 27.12-27.0 advantage. 

As the Bobcats went into the final event of the first stanza, Quinnipiac capitalized on a carding violation by Azusa Pacific in the release pyramid, which awarded the Bobcats a two point benefit.  The Bobcats garnered a six-point lead going into intermission, which gave them their largest lead of the season. (97.15-91.35)

In the final three events, Azusa Pacific tried to answer back, posting strong back- to-back heats in the Toss category (2 Element and Synchronized) as the won their first event of the evening.  The following two events (Tumble and Team) would go to the Bobcats as they marked high in 6 element and open element heats in the Tumble event (177.62- 174.125).  Quinnipiac would finish strong in the team event to punch its ticket to the Championship match.

 "One of our biggest things the whole week and that we learned from the first round was to stay humble, and just know that it's never too late for them to catch up so you have to keep working, keep maintaining and just work as hard as you can," said freshman Demitra Germanakos (Massapequa, N.Y). "I think its going to be a really good competition, it's going to be really close, we just really have to go back to basics from the very beginning, and just know that we're a team, stay united, individually do your part and we'll come together as a team."

Quinnipiac will take the mats for the final meet of the season in the NCATA Championship on Saturday, April 27.  The Bobcats will face the No. 1 Oregon State in the Championship round.  The competition will begin at noon at the TD Bank Sports Center on York Hill Campus.


 No. 2 Quinnipiac

No 3. Azusa Pacific


Total:     37.45

Total:     37.2


Total:     27.12

Overall:  64.57

Total:     27.0

Overall:  64.2


Total:     28.95

Overall:  97.15

Total:     27.15

Overall:  91.35


Total:     28.30

Overall:  121.82

Total:     28.35

Overall:  119.7


Total:     55.8

Overall:   177.62

Total:     54.43

Overall:   174.125


Total:     97.41

Total:      95.82


Total:    275.03

Total:     269.945











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