Acrobatics and Tumbling Garners First Place in Tri-Meet Over Alderson Broaddus and Fairmont State


Score Sheet-Alderson Broaddus & Fairmont State- April 5, 2014 

Philippi, W. Va.- The Quinnipiac Acrobatics and Tumbling team defeated Alderson Broaddus and Fairmont State in their second tri-meet of the season.  The Bobcats came out on top with a winning total of 281.89. Fairmont State followed the Bobcats with a final score of 274.23, while Alderson Broaddus finished with 272.03 points.  The Bobcats improves to 5-2 on the 2014 regular season. Fairmont State stands at 6-2, while Alderson Broaddus drop to 2-7.   Quinnipiac took five out of the six events while Alderson Broaddus scored high in the Acro event.

"We are right where we need to be," said head coach Maryann Powers.  "We are hitting our spots and our focus is there. Many of our seniors and underclassmen have pulled large numbers for us and it should be noted for their efforts. Senior Trisha Pierce and freshman Kelsey Rule played a huge role in our win today making them the 'Players of the Game.'"

Quinnipiac posted season-highs in the Compulsory (39.05), Pyramid (29.80) and Toss (29.05) events. The Bobcats also scored their season overall high with 281.89 points against the Fighting Falcons and Battlers.  For the first time this year, Quinnipiac scored back-to-back perfect 10.0 marks in the Flipping and Twisting rounds.

A usual strong start for the Bobcats allowed them to take control early on posting their best scores all season in the Compulsory event over Fairmont State and Alderson Broaddus.  The Battlers would fight back taking the Acro event over both teams. 

The Pyramid event would put Quinnipiac back in the drivers seat over Fairmont State and Alderson Broaddus.  The Bobcats were able to take over the game as they posted back-to-back scores of perfect 10.0s in the first two heats. The flipping pyramid featured Senior Cera Orner, junior's Stephanie Palange and Stephanie Crosson, sophomores Taylor Johnson, Stephanie Amaral, Demitra Germanakos, Aleshia Ceste, Casey Block, Brittney Kusmierski, and Brooke Artz, and freshman Noelle Brasier all contributing to the perfect score.  In the following twisting pyramid heat, seniors Gina Antonelli and Ashaa Russell, juniors Palange, Cara Seckinger and Christine Rochester, sophomores Johnson, Kusmierski and Kayla McCormack, and freshman Brasier would follow with their second perfect score of the season to give Quinnipiac the advantage. 

With the conclusion of the first half, Quinnipiac held on to the lead 97.39-96.75 (ABU)- 96.60 (FSU).

After the break the Bobcats responded with three consecutive heat victories in the Toss (29.05), Tumbling (56.65) and Team (98.80) events. In the toss event, Quinnipiac once again posted high scores in all heats.  After four events, the score remained close with the Bobcats in the lead with a 126.44. Fairmont State trailed by just over a point with a score of 125.35 and the Battlers totaled 124.10 following the toss.

However, Quinnipiac pulled away with a 2.55 advantage in tumbling and a four-point victory in the team routine to wrap up the meet and earn a pair of victories. Junior Jenna Quenneville would go on to score a consistent 9.85 in the aerial pass heat in the Tumbling event.  The Bobcats responded with a strong Team routine with a 98.80 score to place them ahead of the Fighting Falcons by 4.02 points that would ultimately lead to the Bobcats' victory.

In their inaugural season in the NCATA, Alderson Broaddus fell to 2-7 on the year.  Fairmont state traded matches, bringing them to 6-2 for this season.  Both teams will compete at least one more time before the NCATA National Tournament. 

Quinnipiac will return to the mats to close out their 2014 season in Azusa, Calif. on Thursday, April 24 in the NCATA National Tournament.  The Bobcats open the weekend competing in the individual events on Thursday afternoon, followed by regular competition April 25-27.  The field is yet to be determined.

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