Basketball and Beyond with James Feldeine: Week 1

Each week for the rest of the season, senior James Feldeine will chronicle his experiences with the Quinnipiac men's basketball team. This week, Feldeine writes about his journey to 1,000 career points and what it meant to him and his family.

I would have never believed that I would score 1,000 points in my career at Quinnipiac University. After a really rough freshmen year, I thought I couldn't make it to 500, let alone 1,000 points. My freshman year, I had very limited minutes and only scored seven points the whole year.

I was never really comfortable in my first year and it was hard to get minutes as a freshman on a team with five senior starters. I used to sit next to the assistant coaches waiting for my name to be called, but I would go games and weeks without hearing my name.

With a new coach coming in after my freshman year, I didn't know where I stood with the team because I didn't show my talents on the court. A few weeks later, Coach Moore and his staff were hired. After a few meetings and workouts with Coach Moore, I showed him I was ready to work hard for a spot on the team. Going into my sophomore year, I was ready to show off my talents to everyone who had questions about me. The year went really well for me after scoring 19 points and grabbing 10 rebounds in the first game of the season against Hartford. After a few games. I was placed in the starting line-up. My role on the team was to guard the other team's best player. I wasn't looked at to score many points because we had a great player in DeMario Anderson.

After a good sophomore year, which was my first real season of college basketball, I had to get knee surgery. I spent all summer rehabbing for my junior season. I was really frustrated during that time because I couldn't work on my game. I spent days without going on the court and touching a basketball. When I was finally cleared to play, I worked really hard on things I needed to work on. After scoring a little bit over 200 points my sophomore year, I still thought I couldn't get 1,000 points. After the loss of DeMario, I was looked at to score more. I started off the season real hot and scored many points. I finally felt like I was back to my normal self. I felt like I was back in high school, when I was the leading scorer in my conference. After a few games of my junior season, I was leading the NEC in scoring. That's when I realized I could achieve my childhood dream of scoring 1,000 points in college.

Going into my senior season, I needed about 200 points to 1000. I used to get text messages from my brother after every game telling me how many points away I was from getting it. After a few big scoring games, my family started to come to every game to witness my dream. After the Monmouth game, I needed just six more points to reach one of my dreams. Going into the Mount St. Mary's game, I was really nervous because I knew I was going to get it that game. After a fast start, I forgot about it. Early in the first half, I was running the court and received a cross-court pass from James Johnson. I put up a three-pointer and it went in. Due to the intensity of the game, I didn't realize I finally got it until I saw my brother in the front row almost standing on the chair. When they announced it to the crowd during a timeout, I thought to myself, "You did it! You finally did it!" I was really excited that my family was there to witness it, especially coming against a great team like Mount St. Mary's. Next game, I was honored for getting 1,000 points. I felt that it was only right to bring my mother and brother out on the court because they have been by my side through the rough times.