Basketball and Beyond: Week 4

Each week for the rest of the season, senior James Feldeine will chronicle his experiences with the Quinnipiac men's basketball team.

After the St Francis (N.Y.) game was over, all I thought about was how I was going to react to senior night. Everyone in my family was calling me for tickets because they said it was special for me, but I thought it wasn't. I thought it was just a regular game for us to win against a good LIU team. Waking up that Saturday morning, it finally hit me. It was going to be my senior day and my whole family was coming to support me. Leading up to the game, I tried not to think about it, but everyone kept on asking me questions on how I feel. My response was, "I just want to play already." On game days, I tend to get a little bit hyper, but I have ways to clam myself down. But I couldn't find a way that day.

So the time finally came, warm ups were done with and it was time for them to call out all the seniors. Of course, I was the last name to be called and I wanted to go first. So my mother and brother are waiting in the back with me and I just stood there in shock that I was almost done. Like I said before, I never knew I would be here for my senior year and, at that moment, I told myself I made it. My hands started to get moist and I couldn't stay in one spot. I looked at my brother and he had a huge smile on his face (he thought it was his senior day). Then I looked at my mother and I saw tears coming down her face and that's when it really hit me. I tried to hold back because I hate when I see my mother crying. It makes me sad. I held her hand and she couldn't stop shaking. When my name was finally called, I looked in the stands and saw people on their feet and I remember telling myself, "I am going to miss this place." Even though I had some rough times on this court, I have had some great times. Hopefully, I have a few more home games after this weekend.

All the talk around school is about playing Robert Morris this weekend, but our team is not looking past Saint Francis Pa. Pa is a good team with some good wins and a great player (Devin Sweetney). All this week, we have been focused on playing Pa first. Coach Moore has not really mentioned Robert Morris to us. We all know that we have to win on Thursday night first to keep us in hunt for first place. We will only have one day to prepare for them, but I am confident in my team that we will be ready for it. Who doesn't want to play for first place this late into the year?