QU Men's Basketball In Europe: Day 3

On our last day here in Amsterdam, we were able to do what we really came here to do - win basketball games. We played against the Meppel Red Giants and were able to win handily. A lot of guys played well for us. Ike Azotam, Will Harrison, and Deontay Twyman were just a few of the many that played well for us tonight. What is really exciting is that we were able to get a convincing win, and it was our first game together, and still we have a lot of room to get better as a team.

Before our game, we were able to get in a few last tourist sites before we head out for Belgium tomorrow morning. We started the day off by going to a Diamond Museum. We saw how diamonds were created, and why each different cut of diamond is priced the way they are. At the end of our trip to the diamond museum, we got to see all sorts of different diamonds up close, including one diamond that was worth $10 million.

After the diamond museum, we went down the street to the Vincent Van Gogh museum. Earlier in the week, we saw on our bus tour, where Rembrandt lived, so we are getting to see some great art history here in Amsterdam. At the Van Gogh museum, we saw hundreds of his paintings, and sketches, including several of his famous paintings. I found it ironic that we went to see his paintings in Amsterdam, and maybe his most famous painting, "Starry Night," was back in a New York museum. Overall though, both museums were great experiences.

After our museum trips, we started our game preparation by eating some pasta at a local Italian restaurant. Afterwards, we boarded the bus and headed off to the game. The drive was supposed to only be an hour and a half but ended up being more like two and half hours due to some traffic.

On the bus, most guys rested, slept, listened to music, and just did whatever they needed to do in order to get themselves ready to play. I personally had my iPod going, listening to only the most classic pump-up songs such as 'NSync's, "Tearin' Up My Heart" and "Under the Sea" from Disney's hit feature film "The Little Mermaid."

Our stay here in Amsterdam has been great, and we are all really looking forward to getting to Belgium tomorrow morning, and possibly getting to eat some real Belgian Waffles. I have to give a quick shout-out to our newest staff member Evann Baker, who now has an undefeated lifetime record as a coach. Goodnight for the last time from Amsterdam, and I'll see you all in Belgium!