QU Men's Basketball In Europe: Day 6

Today was a travel day for the Bobcats. We got up early and left Belgium for Paris. It was a four-hour drive, so we had plenty of time to soak in the roadside sites. We drove through the rolling hills of the French countryside, and drove by the high-speed French train (actually it drove past us). For about 150 kilometers of the trip into Paris, I thought every electrical tower was the Eiffel Tower. As we drove into the actual city, we got a quick glimpse of the top of the tower. It's unbelievable that we are here in Paris and being able to see such a global icon.

On the drive, we stopped at a rest area on the side of the highway in France. This was the first time I ever saw real steak being served at a rest area, along with a wide variety of wines and an array of fine desserts. Needless to say, it was the best side of the road meal I've ever had.

After our arrival in the City of Lights, we had some time to go off and sightsee on our own, but not knowing our way around the city, and especially our inability to speak French limited our self-guided tours. My roommate, Raheem May-Thompson, and I, saw a large building that resembled the Greek Parthenon in Athens as well as a few cathedrals.

Our hotel is beautiful! It has an ornately decorated lobby with tremendous chandeliers and statues headlining the many decorations. There are also gorgeous paintings scattered throughout the halls of the building.

Tomorrow should be a great day here in Paris. We have a city tour scheduled as well as our third game tomorrow night. Hopefully we can avenge our loss last night in Belgium.

Lastly I have to recognize three ladies that this team couldn't live without. Meghan McCaffrey, our Athletic Trainer, works tirelessly to keep all of us healthy and on the court! Alyssa Budkofsky, our Academic Support Director, does a phenomenal job making sure we are all in good standing academically, and keeping us eligible to play. Lastly Lori Landino, our basketball secretary, works very hard at the day-to-day operations involved with our program.

Au revoir, QU Fans!