Video Available Of Mike Dalhuisen's Pro Debut With New York Islanders Against New Jersey Devils From Thursday, Sept. 19

Photo by Bruce Bernett (Getty Images)

Former Quinnipiac stand-out Mike Dalhuisen made his professional debut on Friday, Sept. 21 with the New York Islanders in an exhibition game against the New Jersey Devils at the Prudential Center.

Dalhuisen mixed it up with the Devils' Ryan Carter in Thursday's match-up. The fight erupted at center ice early in the third period. Dalhuisen skated for 11:33 for the Islanders in their 5-3 win against the Devils. 

Video of Dalhuisen's fight with Carter was available on YouTube, uploaded by "islesenforces" (below) and also by "hockeyfightsdotcom" (bottom of page)