Kaiser's Korner: Week 2

Each week during the 2010 season, Quinnipiac senior Todd Kaiser will share his thoughts on the Bobcats' men's lacrosse program.

The one good thing that comes from losing is that it really shines a light on the areas that need improvement. It was obvious from the loss that we need to clean up our stick skills. As a team, we committed 26 turnovers...it is almost impossible to win a game when that many turnovers are made. Over the last few days at practice we have put an emphasis on making better decisions with the ball and throwing clean/crisp passes.

I know it sounds weird, but we benefited from having two games this week, Wagner on Thursday and Detroit-Mercy on Sunday. The quick turnaround left no time for the team to dwell on the Loyola loss. We knew that we had to go to practice the first few days of the week hungry to get our first win. We also realized that we will only have two days to practice for Detroit-Mercy so it was imperative that the beginning of the week was filled with successful practices. Our goal is to be 2 and 1 by Sunday night...if we limit our mistakes and don't dig ourselves into any holes then it is achievable.

Spring Break is just a few short days away. Some people go to Mexico or the Dominican Republic, we get to stay in Hamden...and to be honest I couldn't ask for anything better. It's the only time of the year when I can ride a Razor Scooter around campus without being ridiculed.

In honor of the joyous occasion, a bunch of guys on the team have started to grow out the "Spring Break Beard/Mustache". Some are just growing it out for good old fun and others have decided to let it grow for a good cause/dedication. Let me take a minute to share.

Connecticut's own, Zach Dendas is letting his go for the Obama Health-Care Plan. Junior Ted Dimond is growing his mustache out of respect to Geraldo Rivera (great mustache). Senior Bailey Tuthill hasn't shaved in three weeks because he is convinced that his beard makes him more aerodynamic. Texas-native Basil Kostaras is just excited that he can grow facial hair without any repercussions. Midfielder Alex DeAlmeida isn't shaving his neck beard out of support for the QU Men's Basketball team and their run in the NEC tournament. Matt Minor is just way too lazy, "I don't even have bread or milk in my house, do you think I am going to shave?" he said. For me, I am growing my beard to be more like my favorite NBA player, Baron Davis. So Baron, if you're reading this I just want to let you know how epic your beard is and that I would do almost anything to have my beard resemble yours.