NCAA Lane: Day 1

Sophomore men's tennis player Garrett Lane will provide daily updates of the Bobcats' NCAA Tournament trip to Stanford, California.

Despite an early flight and departure from school Thursday, most of us opted to not sleep before we all left for JFK airport. Upon boarding the shuttle bus at 3 a.m., the bus immediately fell silent as we all tried to get as much sleep as possible. By 6, we were checked in and anxiously waiting to board our plane.

After liftoff, the entire team fell asleep uncomfortably as we were crammed into a tightly-packed plane. Stiff neck, lack of leg room, and other distractions seemed to be the common themes of what made this six-hour flight feel that much longer.

We finally landed in San Francisco at around 10:30 a.m. local time and boarded the shuttle bus by around noon. California seemed like a completely different world to us. To kick off our trip out west, the team (along with Q, Lyneene, Ott, Sonja, and Adinolfi) ventured to AT&T Park to watch the Giants take on the Padres. Needless to say, our outfits were not exactly fit for the California sun as we slowly crept into the shade sections.

After leaving the game, we checked into the hotel, showered up and ventured to The Cheese Cake Factory for dinner. The great food certainly capped off a fantastic first day.

We caught up on some Z's and will practice today for the match coming up on Saturday.

Check in tomorrow for the day's activities.