Women's Basketball In Italy: Bobcats Touch Down In Rome


After a long, eight-hour flight, the Quinnipiac's Women's Basketball team landed in Rome to begin their 10-day tour of beautiful Italy. 

To kick-off the start of their adventure, the Bobcats hopped on their tour bus for what would be many breathtaking views of the ancient city.  In their sights, the Bobcats saw the Coliseum, the Roman Forum, the Monument to Vittorio Emanuele II,  Arch of Constantine, Saint Peter's Basilica and many landmarks that make up Rome.

On their first stop, the team explored the Coliseum where they learned about the old remains that used to be a part of the entertainment for many of the Roman Empire, dating back to 70 AD. The team was able to climb to the second level of the Coliseum to get a better look at the remains of the historic monument. Head coach Tricia Fabbri and her team then visited the temple of Julius Caesar, adjacent to the Coliseum. The Bobcats were also able to explore the grounds and see many arches that made up the Roman architecture of the time.   

For Saturday night's dinner, the team will gather together at Il Pomodoro Piccolo (The Little Tomato) for some authentic Italian fare. As the start of the first leg of the trip, the team has a free day on Sunday for the players to sightsee and experience all that Rome has to offer.

Follow the Bobcats during their international tour of Rome and Pisa a the official website of Quinnipiac Athletics, www.QuinnipiacBobcats.com.