Women's Basketball In Italy: Bobcats Defeat All-Star Italia, 67-59

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On the road again, the Bobcats began a journey to their next destination, Florence, Italy. Today the team spent most of their day traveling along the west coast of the peninsula into the "Tuscan wine country." 

Student-athletes entered the beautiful countryside, much different from the city of Rome, which was filled with views of vineyards and olive trees. The team stopped at a local pizzeria and enjoyed a full, four course meal of fresh salad, pasta, chicken and fruit. As the game approached it was time to head to Tuscany, Montecatini Terme, to kick off the first game of the tour. 

Overseas, the game of basketball uses the Federation International of Basketball Amateur (FIBA) rules, where the girls had to adjust to European callings; much different from regular NCAA rules and regulations.  Playing four 10 minute quarters, a longer three-point range, and different time out procedures were just some of the differences.


The whistle sounded for tip-off against All-Star Italia, a team consisting of Division A1 Professional players. The game featured a back-and-forth affair, but Quinnipiac was too much for All-Star Italia. Senior Felecia Barron, the 2012 Northeast Conference Defensive Player of the Year, led the Bobcats with 21 points to a 67-59 victory in their first action of international competition. Freshman Maria Napolitano, sophomore Shana Earle and junior Ellen Cannon also fared well for the Bobcats, combining for 21 points.

The night ended with the team having free time to enjoy the sites and authentic Tuscan pizza in the magnificent city. Kicking off day five, the team will visit Academia Gallery, followed by a bus trip over to Pisa. There, they will be able to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and enjoy a picturesque view from the top of the 185-foot campanile.