On The Road With Quinnipiac Women's Ice Hockey, Part 2: Mental Focus

HAMDEN, Conn. - Quinnipiac captain Jordan Elkins, a junior from Wasilla, Alaska, will be blogging for the Official Website of Quinnipiac Athletics, www.QuinnipiacBobcats.com, as the women's ice hockey team prepares for their ECAC Hockey Championship Quarterfinals match-up at Princeton on Feb. 25-27.

Seeing Success

The week is winding down but the excitement is building. With that increase in excitement also comes the increase in nerves. One way to calm the nerves is having confidence that all possible preparation has been done when the time to compete rolls around. Many coaches and teams talk about how important mental preparation for a game is and our team is no exception.

The idea is that if you can imagine yourself doing the right thing, and replay the action in your mind, then when you are in that situation you will be more comfortable and able to accomplish it. Some things we imagine may be: moving a pass with ease, receiving and shooting the puck in stride, chipping it off the glass as your left-winger takes off in an attempt to create a break-away, or winning a one-on-one battle. Any situation that causes nerves to rise in a game can be focused on, then when it actually happens it may seem as if it is happening slower and you have more control.

Often times our coaches will tell us to clear our minds and make the simple play. Our mental imagery helps to keep focus on doing just that. Today as a team, we reminded each other at the end of practice to take the time and mentally imagine ourselves being successful in the upcoming game. By imagining success we are striving to bring ourselves closer to it.