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HAMDEN, Conn. – Over the past few weeks, members of the Quinnipiac women’s lacrosse team have volunteered their services at the Helen Street School in Hamden, assisting its students in their preparation for the Connecticut Mastery Tests (CMT’s). The afterschool program, initiated by former Quinnipiac women’s lacrosse player Laura Iannotti ’11, primarily focused on providing the students with an opportunity to partake in practice reading assessments for the CMT’s.

“Having my old teammates here to help me has been extremely beneficial to the program,” said Iannotti. “Because so many volunteered, students were able to receive small group instruction. In some instances, students that were struggling were able to have one on one instruction time.”


Iannotti added, “Not only has it been academically beneficial having my teammates here, but it has also made students excited to see college athletes there to help them. During the school day students would come up to me asking if my teammates were coming later that day. Having the team help with the program made the kids excited to learn and I think it has made an impact of the success of this program. It means the world to me that even after graduating I can still turn to my teammates for support. I am extremely thankful for what the women's lacrosse team has done for this program.”

"I am incredibly proud of Laura for going above and beyond what would be expected of a student teacher in the MAT program,” said head coach Danie Caro. “I think it speaks volumes about her character that she proposed the program and made it happen for her students."

Junior Emily Mason (Fairfield, Conn.), who assisted Iannotti in garnering support from current members of the women’s lacrosse team, also understands the importance of being a role model for students in local schools.

“Coach Caro has always emphasized the importance of giving back to the Hamden community,” said Mason. “When Laura approached me with an opportunity to expand the tutoring program, it was a no brainer. Having the chance to work the students of Helen Street School was not only enjoyable and rewarding, but enabled us to support our former teammate.”

"I am really pleased that Laura reached out to our current players for help,” added coach Caro. “She knows how important community service is to our program and she knew she could count on Emily to make sure the program was staffed well in order to achieve the goal of improving CMT scores."

“I cannot begin to tell you how helpful the Quinnipiac Women’s Lacrosse team has been to our school and students,” said Helen Street School Principal Mr. Michael D. Lorenzo. “Our school is feeling the financial crunch as much as anyone, but particularly because we are in a relatively low socio/economic section of Hamden. As a result, we have no funds to support any afterschool initiatives. However, one of our Quinnipiac Interns, Ms. Laura Iannotti, approached me with a proposal to run a Connecticut Mastery Test (CMT) review program after school. Laura volunteered to coordinate and teach the review sessions, knowing that funding was a major deterrent. I was amazed at her offer and grateful that we could hold this much needed program given that our test scores have traditionally been below state standards. While we have shown Annual Yearly Progress (AYP) and reached Safe Harbor under the tenets of No Child Left Behind for the past two years, any additional support for our students would only further secure our ability to keep our academic achievements headed in such a positive direction. So Laura’s proposal was timely and of great importance to our school.  She also solicited the help and support of a number of current Lacrosse team members which allowed us to increase the number of students that could take part in this program.  This dedication and concern displayed by Laura and Quinnipiac University has truly made a difference in the lives of our students and further cemented the strong partnership that we are developing with the school.”

The Bobcats return to action when they visit Denver University to play Saint Mary’s (Calif.) on Monday, March 12 at 4 p.m. (MST).

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