Cantor's NCAA Banter: Day 1

Every day during the Quinnipiac women's tennis team's trip to the NCAA Tournament in Los Angeles, Calif., sophomore Rachel Cantor will keep you up to date on the team's activities.

Words for the wise: If you happen to have a 7 a.m flight, don't try an all-nighter. We did and it was absolutely miserable. Report time was 2:45 a.m. outside the Rec Center, where our bus awaited. Everyone came straggling along from all different directions. I went to pick up my doubles partner, Adrienne, from her house at around 2:20 a.m. We got to JFK at around 4:30 a.m. and our flight was at 7 a.m. After a long security process and an awful airport breakfast, we finally boarded the plane and before you knew it, six hours later we arrived at LAX. Sarah Viebrock started to sing Miley Cyrus' "Party In the USA". We got off the plane, walked down to baggage claim where it couldn't have gone any smoother. Luckily, no bags got lost. The bus picked us up and we were off to Venice Beach!!!

We got dropped off at Venice Beach, where we had about four hours to kill before we were allowed to check in at our hotel. Everyone received lunch money and from there on we split up and went our separate ways. To say the least, I was very shocked because I didn't think Venice Beach was that green. Venice is an energetic and lively area of So. Cal. Two of my teammates, Beth, Adrienne and I stuck together. We ate lunch at this Organic Café where we all enjoyed delicious guacamole to start out with, followed by phenomenal salads for Adrienne and I while Beth enjoyed a chicken quesadilla. We got to see Muscle Beach, where we found Coach Q working out. Just kidding!!!!! Venice is known for its beaches, canals and circus-like ocean walk, and a few-mile pedestrian-only path that leads to performers, artists, vendors and fortune tellers. There were more bikers and skateboarders than there were walkers. Venice is a very diverse place.

After a long day of traveling, shopping and touring around Venice Beach, it was time to head to our hotel. We are staying at the Courtyard Marriott in Culver City, Calif. Usually on every trip, we stay in a room with our doubles partner. I am rooming with my doubles partner, Adrienne Markison. After we got our room assignments, Adge and I decided to go for a run in the fitness center, just so that we wouldn't be dead for practice today. After we ran, we showered and got ready for dinner. Dinner was in Q's room where they ordered us pizza, pasta and salad. It was delicious! We had a quick meeting, talking about plans for tomorrow. 30 minutes later, Adrienne and I passed out. It was 11 p.m. eastern time, but 8 p.m. in Cali and we were beyond exhausted. We are going to Hollywood tomorrow and then practice followed by a great dinner out with the team! Stay tuned for more!!!