Student Athletic Advisory Committee (SAAC)

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The Student Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a group run by student-athlete representatives from every intercollegiate team at Quinnipiac University. The mission of Quinnipiac SAAC is to enhance the total student-athlete experience and in order to achieve this SAAC focuses its efforts on four different areas which are: NCAA/MAAC/Quinnipiac rules education and discussion, community service, campus engagement, and athletes-for-athletes.


  • Provide a communication link between the student-athlete population and the Department of Athletics and Recreation.
  • Protect and promote student-athlete welfare through discussion and education about NCAA, MAAC, and Quinnipiac rules and legislation.
  • Foster a positive student-athlete image by creating opportunities for student-athletes to give back to the community.
  • Maintain a presence on campus by getting involved and supporting other organizations that promote student welfare.
  • Promote Quinnipiac Athletics and unity among teams by supporting fellow Bobcats at their intercollegiate competitions.


Two members from each intercollegiate team are selected to be SAAC representatives. To be selected, interested student-athletes must apply at the end of each Academic year. Applications will be distributed to all returning student-athletes and anyone who is interested may apply.

2016-17 Quinnipiac Student Athlete Advisory Committee Team Representatives
Executive Board
Emma Johnson Communications Specialist
Matthew Osieja Budget Analyst
Joanna Proctor Chair of Community Service Committee
Emily Lowenstein Chair of Events/Campaigns Committee
Greg Tarca Chair of Legislative Committee
Abby Cook Chair of Campus Engagement Committee
Community Service Committee
Joanna Proctor* Chair
Kyle Horton
Ryan Ansel
Remington Borg
William Pustari
Kei Ezaka
Hannah Teicher
Kelsey Mumford
Jennifer Lu
Elizabeth Kloos
Events/Campaigns Committee
Emily Lowenstein* Chair
Sean Lawrence
Jackson Hill
Edel Thornton
Angelina King
Emily Ribbins
Emily Roskopf
Casey Herzog
Proyfon Lohaphaisan
Jamie Paolucci
Emma Greco Marketing/PR Lead
Campus Engagement Committee
Abby Cook* Chair
Alexandria Barnes
Ben Lanza
Filosmar Corderio
Kyle Alper
Melissa Samoskevich
Kiera Kelly
Emily Czaja
Kaleigh Roberts
Daniel Harris Marketing/PR Lead
Legislative Committee
Greg Tarca* Chair
Luke Shiplo
Aryn McClure
Devan McCarrie
Kylie Lance